League Rules

2020 JP-HC Rocket Football League Rules: 1

                        (Coach’s please carry a copy of this with you during the season)

  1. Players must be in grades 7th or 8th. Some 6th graders may be eligible for the 7th grade teams. Please carry copy of physical cards to game for medical reasons and verification of player if requested by opposing teams Coach. Practice Start DATE is AUG 9th 2021.
  2. Any Player 15 years of age before September 1st of said year is not eligible to play in the Rocket league. Coach’s monitor this rule closely.  NEW for 7th grade not eligible to play on 8th grade if 14 before September 1st of said year.

Also New along with the physical cards carry copies of players birth certificates for verification.

  1. All players who will carry or handle the ball offensively except the center will be weighed before each game. The 7th grade will remain at 150lbs or under and the 8th will remain 160lbs or Under to qualify to carry the ball. Punters for both teams must comply with weight limit. If they are overweight, they can’t be in any skill position, included TE position or punt.

4.The Home team will provide the scales, hopefully will have available triple beam or medical Scales.  Weight in full dress with shoes, NO helmets.

4a.  At time of weigh-in place a sticker (indicator) on Helmet to identify player eligible to carry the ball.

  1. Game Balls will be supplied by the home team, both teams will approve the ball, use Wilson GTS for Middle School football or equivalent. The visiting team my chose to use their own football if approved by home team and referee. Leather or composite Visiting team can use there ball if it is the GTS Ball or equivalent approved.
  2. After the coin toss for both 7th & 8th, the ball will be placed at the 40 yard line for the Opening Kick-off, new this year. Kick-offs will be after each TD and at the half.

The Rocket by-laws are as follows for KICK Off and Punts.
– The front line of 5 or 7 can be your linemen and are not to handle the ball.
– If a ball is mis-kicked at them and they receive it in the air will be accepted as an interception.
– Otherwise the ball is down where they recover it, or knee down.
– Receivers and wingmen in the kicking game must be at the required weight limit
If Wingmen or Receivers are overweight Ball is down where they receive it.
– Coaches are to make sure the proper people are in the correct places for the kicking
– PUNTERS must also be in line with the weight limit both grades.

  1. Extra point attempts, if kicked will be run like high School Rules & regulations.

NEW for PUNTING:   All punts will be in line with the MHSAA High School rules.

Know and understand the rule on lining up over the center, can’t hit him when snapping.

    1st week of Practice only Helmets for the first 2 days, shoulder pads can be added on the 3rd and   4th days, and full pads may not be worn until the 5th day.   You may not have more than one collision practice in a day.  No single practice can be longer than 3 hours.

9A. During the season you may conduct “NO” more than 2 collision practices in any one week.

  1. 7th grade game willl start at 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified prior to game day, and the 8th grade will start at approximately 20 minutes after completion of the 7th grade game.
  2. All other rules and regulations are high school football rules.
  3. Both Teams 7th & 8th will have 10-minute quarters. Make sure you as the home Coach make the officials aware that these are our league rules. Phone Keith Stewart if you have a problem with any official trying to change the clock rules to 8 mins.  Phone, 989-430-6206 or for any other issue you have with an official.
  4. 7th grade players that play up on any 8th grade team for the season will remain part of that team. He will not be allowed to play down if his team goes to the 7th grade title game at seasons end. So if you have a 7th grader that you plan on playing up for the regular season he will be ineligible to play down.   NO Player can play more than one game in a consecutive 5-day span.  Coach will be suspended for 2 games and player for the rest of the season.
  5. Any player that is running the ball and is overweight will be ejected from said game, and the HFC along with same player will be suspended for the next game, If it is the last game of the year, Coach will be suspended for game 1 of next season. Make sure a weight in that all players that weigh in are marked in some fashion so both teams know who they are.   If a Coach wants to stop play to check a player in question that is fine to do during game.  HOME TEAM must provide the Scales.
  6. Jersey Numbers do not have to coincide with the player position.
  7. Lighting Rule regarding game delay: It was voted up on in the Annual League meeting that if the 8th Grade game has not started by 9:30 because of Lighting delays that the game would be rescheduled for Sunday: Start time for Games will need to be identified by the Coaches before they leave that evening.  Referees were also in attendance for this vote and make sure you are involving the Refs on game times if you have to reschedule for Sunday.
  8. NEW RULES for 2017 MHSAA:
    Onside Kicks,  can no kick the top  of the Ball into the Ground or penalty will occur.
    Blind side it or Targeting a defenseless player will result in a penalty no matter how close to play.
    Under 2 mins Penalty won’t stop the clock,  it will start once the ball is set ready for play.

New for 2021:

Combination Teams:

Refs will be paid $60.00 each  per game, the Game Start time will be 5 pm,   Running back or skill position players handling the ball  160lbs is the weight limit.

Each Player will need have their own form of hydration labeled with their name or number on it each container they have for practice and game day. (Mandatory)

Lightening Delay Games or Games delayed for other circumstances, we will try to reschedule for following Monday, but the HOME team HFC will need to contact Keith Stewart to confirm all dates and times for reschedule and relay to visiting team HFC.

Revised July-2021