Playoff Schedule

2017 Ferris State University Finals:

7th Grade Championship Game.
Gladwin 48   Clare  0
Congratulations to Gladwin  7th Grade Champions 2017

8th Grade consolation game for 3rd and 4th place.
Houghton Lake 40     Mt. Pleasant Ervin 28
Congratulations to Houghton Lake and Mt. Pleasant Ervin on outstanding season.

8th Grade Championship game.
Clare 36   Mt. Pleasant Tubbs 6
Congratulations to Clare 8th Grade Champions 2017



Oct 29th Gates will Open at 9:15 am
Admission will be $6.00 per person includes all 3 games,

Game #1   Clare vs Gladwin 7th Grade championship Kick off is 10:30 am

Game #2  Houghton Lake 8th  vs Mt. Pleasant Ervin  8th Grade  3rd and 4th place Kick off is at 12:30 pm

Game #3 Clare 8th vs Mt. Pleasant 8th    8th Grade championship Game Kick off is at 2:30 pm