2021 Championship games will be held at Ferris State University on Sunday Oct 3st.

Game #1 will feature   the 2 Top 7th Grade Teams   Kick off at 10:30

Game #2 will feature the Top 2 combo Teams  Kick off at 12:30

Game #3 will feature the Top 2 8th Grade Teams.  Kick off will be 2:30



Congratulations to all 6 Teams whom made the Playoffs in 2019 !

Game #1   7th Grade Championship:  Featured 2 undefeated 7th grade teams, Gladwin Flying “G’s”and Clare Pioneers, which was a great match up.    They kicked off at 10:30 with Gladwin taking an early 6 to 0 lead, Clare ended up emerging as the Winner for a final score of 28 to 6.    Congratulations to both Teams on outstanding seasons, Clare Pioneers finished as the 7th Grade Champs with a record of 7-0 and Gladwin finished runner up to end their season with a 7-1 record.

Clare 7th grade Champs

Gladwin 7th grade 2nd place

Game #2:  Featured two teams that had met during the regular season in Week # 4.  Kick off was at 12:30 pm   Mt. Pleasant Rockets and the Meridian Mustangs.   Both teams were 5 wins and 2 losses headed in to the match.  It was a tough fought game with Mt. Pleasant have a 14-0 edge at the Half and in the 2nd half it was all defense, as that ended up being the final Score as Mt. P Rockets emerged as the winner.  Congratulations to both Teams for making the play-offs,  Mt. P finished 3rd place with a record of 6-2 along with Meridian Mustangs taking home 4th place to finish the season at 5-3.

Mt Pleasant 8th grade 3rd place

Meridian 8th grade 4th place

Game #3:  Featured 8th Grade Championship:   Kick off was 2;30 pm.  Featuring again two Teams that meet during the Regular season in Week #4 as well and that game ended in a 30 to 30 tied.   This game was tied at the Half 6 to 6, and in the 2nd half the Beal city Aggies, put together 2 long drives to win the game 20 to 6 and become the 2019 8th Grade Champions.   Congratulations to both teams for making it to the Championship game.  Great season for Both teams.  Beal City Aggies finished in 1st place with an undefeated season, 7-0-1 can Clare Pioneers finished up the Season  6-1-1

Beal City 8th grade Champs


Clare 8th grade 2nd place

2019   JPHC Final League Results

Beal City   7th          4 w   3 L                      8th    6w 0L   1T

Beaverton 7th          4 Wins 2 L  1T          8th      4 w   3 L

Clare   7th                 7 w     0L                    8th       6W  0L  1T

Gladwin 7th             7w      0L                    8th        3 w      4L

Harrison 7th            5w   1l  1 T                 8th        0w       7L

Ht. Lake 7th              3 w 3L 1T                  8th         1w    6L

McBain 7th                2 w   5L                      8th       3w    4L

Meridian 7th             1 w     6L                    8th         5w     2L

Pinconning 7th        3w    3L  1T                8th          2w    5L

Reed City 7th           0w      7L                      8th          4w   3L

Roscommon            7th      0w     7L            8th         1w     6L


This year the JPHC Rocket Football league played there “Championship Series” football Games at “Top Taggert Field” in Big Rapids at Ferris State University.

The weather was typical Michigan fall football weather and we saw some very “High” Level Middle school being played on in Big Rapids for bragging rights for this year’s title teams.

The 7th Grade Champion was Clare over Meridian, the 8th Grade Champion was Gladwin in a classic battle with Meridian and in the Consolation game for 8th saw Clare emerging as the winner in a game that featured a down pour of ran. The fans and parents that braved the weather were also commended for making their presents felt.  The event ran smooth and we had a lot of compliments as well regarding our league being one of the premier middle school leagues in the state.  I personally want to Thank all the Coaches and League Directors as well on make this League a class act and looking forward to the future.

2019 Championship Series Finals Oct 27th (Sunday) at Top Taggert Field in Big Rapids.

8th Grade Championship Game

     Gladwin 26 vs Meridian 20

Consolation Game ( 3rd -4th 8th Grade )

     Clare 14 vs McBain 6

7th Grade Championship Game

     Clare 32 vs Meridian 0


2018   JPHC Football Finials

8th Grade  Record                                        7th Grade  Record

Gladwin 8-0   Grade Champions                 Clare   8-0 Grade Champions

Meridian 7-1  Grade runners-up                  Meridian 6-2 Grade runners up 

Clare 6-2   3rd place finish                              Beal City   6-1

McBain 6-3    4th place finish                         Mt. Pleasant 5-2                    

Roscommon 4-1-2                                           Houghton Lake 4-3  

Reed City  4-3                                                   Reed City 4-3

Mt. Pleasant 4-3                                               McBain 3-4

Houghton Lake 3-4                                         Gladwin 2-5

Beal City 1-6                                                      Harrison 2-5

Beaverton 0-7                                                   Farwell 3-4

Farwell 0-7